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19 days to go… o_O

getting close to the payoff and original motivation for setting up this weblog… how y’all feelin’?

i have to admit, i’m feeling pretty good, i got 14 miles done on saturday, albeit in kind of a weird way: up at 06:00 for an 8-miler, then i took steph and thor to the airport. came home, watched The Avengers and ate a bagel, then got back out there for 6 miles up in the hills. i was tired, but i wasn’t in pain, even managed to run to catch a bus downtown after lunch.

in fact, i’m feeling SO good i just signed up for the Run The Town challenge with jon: we’re gonna knock out the 5K race before we do the oakland half. probably have some bagels as a light snack in between…

we also both signed up for the 2014 The North Face™ Endurance Challenge presented by GORE-TEX™ half marathon. and i think i’ll try to sign up for the RunDisney™ Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon.

i’ve found that if i don’t keep committing myself to these ridiculous events in advance, i don’t seem to maintain any semblance of consistency in exercising, so i’ll probably add another event or two somewhere between now and those races.

in related news: it appears that i like The Avengers.

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  1. Jeff O March 5, 2014 at 4:41 am #

    Apparently I’ve chosen to take the opposite route in preparation for this 1/2 marathon. My training has been sporadic at best, sometimes with weeks going by without a run, and long runs… forget it. I don’t feel all that awesome and I’ve actually gained weight since building this site.

    Running is something that I enjoy but I think for me I need to enjoy it on my own terms and by signing up for a race which required sticking to a program it’s become something I have to do vs something I want to do.

    I’ll crush this 1/2 marathon through sheer determination but after that I’m going to shift my athletic and fitness (and overall) focus to things that keep me happy… I’ll let everyone know what these things are once I figure them out (don’t worry, running will likely be on the list, especially trail running).

    This reply sounds like a bummer but it actually isn’t… I’m super pumped to have some direction and have been thinking a lot about positive changes that I can make. Cheng and I have even started eating a lot better (well she’s always eaten well, I’m just starting to take her advice now). One day I’d like to run a marathon but I won’t get a finishers metal for it (not that there’s anything wrong with earning some awesome hardware). What I will get is a nice breath of fresh air and a sense of accomplishment… and probably a bagel.

    I’m super proud of you, Steph, Cheng, Jon and Clarke and really pumped that we’re doing this together. I’m looking forward to joining you on a training run or two for your next couple or races… if I feel like it :)

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