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Burger Spa-

I haven’t posted in ages. I always read, but getting a new job that I’m actually invested in and enjoy has really limited the amount of time that I spend at work, not working. (Side note, a 60 year old guy in running tights and a t-shirt just sprinted through the intersection outside my office window. definitely a hero of running). I’m definitely in a slump. in general.  (he just ran back in the opposite direction).

I’ve been going for a few runs here and there, but nothing consistent, mostly because I’d eaten a hamburger wrapped in a pizza and covered in chili the night before. Trying to slowly build up some consistent healthy habits again. Been riding to work, and trying to eat things that grow out of the ground. You know. Like that.

I’d like to sign up for some 10ks or something. Seems like a reasonable distance to run for fun, but I don’t want to do anything too gnarly before I hike Mt. Whitney in August. Then after that, I’d like to train and do another half (HALF A PIZZA IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

So that’s it for now. Its amazing how once you start to lose the tiniest bit of motivation, shit just starts going off the rails.


If ass be steak…

Then mine be two canned hams crammed into a pair of fashion jeggings.

I ran! I keep hurting myself though so as far as training goes, so far, January has been kind of a bust. First I gashed my foot open on a rock covered on barnacles while going for a surf, New Years day, then I fell like an idiot at the end of my run a few weeks ago. So thats basically a total of like 3 or four weeks where I only got one run in.

That being said, when I do finally get a run in, I’m keeping to my schedule whether I feel prepared to run that distance or not.

So without really much preparation I ran six miles on Saturday. You probably all aready know because I talk to most of you all the time anyway, but it felt pretty cool. The last mile was a shit show, and the entire thing was less of a run than it was a “labored shuffle” as I continue to tell you, but Iwas stoked that I did it. I felt like I earned the rest of my day.

Then I ate shit at the skatepark the next day and hurt my shoulder. But thats my shoulder, not my legs, so whatever.

So hopefully, I can manage not to hurt myself too much over the next few months, and keep up with my training and trudge through this thing. Still kinda looking forward to it, although time is running out…


Sometimes, when you take a week off from running, and take a week on of drinking, things become more difficult.

So heres what I’ve found: pausing the runnin to do some drinkin, is WAY easier than pausing the drinkin, to do some runnin.


A few weeks ago when my knees were hurting from running, this was Matts response:

“you’re moving the earth underneath

pushing it behind you

not stabbing it with stilts as you hop around

head up, shoulders back

relaxing everything that isn’t immediately engaged

focus your third eye on venus in the fourth quadrant

remove all your clothing and bask in the solar winds between alpha centauri and orion’s belt

dissolve your identity in the cosmic fluid between dimensions”

It actually works pretty well. Especially the last 4 steps.

In all honestly, I was running with Jon on christmas day and it was literally (figuratively) 10,000 degrees where we were. I hadn’t run in over a week, I was getting aches where there should be no aches, and there was friction where one would prefer there be no friction.  So about halfway through, I thought to myself “self, enjoy this.” and I kinda separated myself from any discomfort I was having and just kinda kept moving at a snail’s pace, in a sort of self-induced altered mental state (although, every time my GYMBOSS™ told me to run, I said something to the effect of “awe nuts”). So there’s a thing. I lost all concentration when I went looking for a ™ symbol.

I got some new shoes, which are just like my old shoes and some compression shorts so there’s a thing. Looking forward to blasting some miles into the nethersphere with those bad boys.

Oh and Jon and I saw a turkey vulture and a kid on a bike that looked like Manny from modern family.



Motivated to Run, but thats about it.



I’ve been running according to my running schedule, and I’ve been pretty stoked on it. I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of running this thing. I actually look forward to running after work. Its awesome.


Heres the other part: I could give two shits about anything else health related right now. I’m eating like “a fast moving dumpster,” drinking beer a few nights a week and havent been to the gym in over a week. I know exactly what it is that I need to eat to stay lean (lean for a polar bear), but, sheesh I really dont have the will power to not eat like Junkenstein (an immortal junk eating corpse composite), not drink like Charles Bukowski (a legendary drunk), and sleep like its an olympic sport (sports).


I’m hoping that its gonna be just kind of a wonky few weeks and Stella (Clarke) can get her (his) groove back in the next week or so.


(this is the exact moment that Stella got her groove back.)

I know motivation comes from somwhere deep inside all of us. Some deep dark place with lots of guts and black stuff… I just gotta figure out how to tap into it again…


I ran!

It wasnt pretty but I did it. Im still snotting and coughing and sorta sick, but I could end up waiting forever to feel better before I start running.

In other news…I think I may be really digging my Nike Whitmires (Lunarlon 3.0?). They feel good, theyre subtle.

Then I went to the gym this morning. I think the fear of not being able to run this thing when it comes up, is finally setting in.

Feeling like I accomplished something!