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bonk bonk bonky bonk bonk

holy crap, my saturday run was HORRRRRRIBLE…

i haven’t had a run that bad in quite a long time. the conditions weren’t bad, sunny – but not too warm, ocean breeze, decent scenery, all that good stuff. but about two miles in, BONK. seriously, it happened that soon. i could probably come up with any number of excuses, but in the end it doesn’t matter why it happened, it happened.

so, what did i learn from it? no idea… bonking sucks maybe? i mean, i knew that, but i guess it’s reinforced even more now. how do you prevent bonking? eat more stuff? sleep longer? water? make a small sacrifice to Hela, Goddess of Bonking (and Death). hell if i know. but what i can take away from this lesson, remember to bring something to eat/electrolyte/whatever. saved my butt from walking home…



the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter in the evenings. this is going to make it more interesting on my weekday runs when i typically run after work. example, last night when i was half of a stinking block from my house and i tripped on the sidewalk. now, my toe hurts and my ego was wounded because of the dude and lady who saw me trip and subsequently curse the heavens for my misfortune. guess i’ll have to start planning on that happening…


new GTRC hero…

check this guy out!

pretty crazy he ran a marathon in less time than it takes me to watch a movie…

edit: if you’re keeping score at home, that’s about a 4:42 pace, for the whole race. the whole thing. 26.2 miles of running sub-5 minute miles. what. the. hell.



what is up… like matt said, we should mos def get the band back together.

i been running fairly regularly, which is good. my mileage isn’t probably where it needs to be yet, which is bad. but it’ll get back up there, which is good! been lifting weights too, super duper fun… or not.

yeah, GTRC reunion at the G&S’s wedding, so that’ll be fun, should we pencil in a morning jog on saturday? i have a feeling we might be slightly less than motivated when the time comes. c’mon hovenia, don’t fail us now!!!

what’s up with everyone else? any races planned (two for me, november:avengers, december:The North Face Endurance Challenge, presented by GORETEX Half Marathon)???



man, getting back in the saddle after taking so much time off has been hard.

i did two short runs last week, but i took lots of walking breaks, and honestly i didn’t feel like they were legit runs. and then on saturday, i literally got all my running gear on, got in the car, and started driving, but then copped out and went and ran (ha!) some errands instead. my logic being that i would just run on sunday after i went to the gym.

all day saturday i just dreaded sunday morning. not because i had to run, but mainly because i was worried i was really going to have to force myself to run. i really hate the feeling of not wanting to run. which is weird, i know. i mean, i think i’ve proven to myself that i’m capable of running any race i set out to do. so it isn’t anything performance-wise. no idea what it is. maybe, and this might speak to a number of other factors of my life, i feel like i “have” to do so many things (yay responsibility!!!), so when i “have” to run, it makes me get all angry and angsty, or angstgry. but anyway…

i did the run, ran a little 4-miler on the treadmill, and felt pretty good about it. hopefully this will really get the ball rolling. especially since there’s still an outside chance that i might run a marathon in hawaii. it’s a really really far outside chance… but it’s still a chance.