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The Rest of My Year, in Running (potentially)

July 4: Coronado Independence Day 15K

August 24: End of Summer 4 Mile Fire Run

September 21: Maui Marathon (potentially…)

November 16: Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon

December 7: The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon

yowza, all this, plus two bachelor parties, and two weddings. busy year…


19 days to go… o_O

getting close to the payoff and original motivation for setting up this weblog… how y’all feelin’?

i have to admit, i’m feeling pretty good, i got 14 miles done on saturday, albeit in kind of a weird way: up at 06:00 for an 8-miler, then i took steph and thor to the airport. came home, watched The Avengers and ate a bagel, then got back out there for 6 miles up in the hills. i was tired, but i wasn’t in pain, even managed to run to catch a bus downtown after lunch.

in fact, i’m feeling SO good i just signed up for the Run The Town challenge with jon: we’re gonna knock out the 5K race before we do the oakland half. probably have some bagels as a light snack in between…

we also both signed up for the 2014 The North Face™ Endurance Challenge presented by GORE-TEX™ half marathon. and i think i’ll try to sign up for the RunDisney™ Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon.

i’ve found that if i don’t keep committing myself to these ridiculous events in advance, i don’t seem to maintain any semblance of consistency in exercising, so i’ll probably add another event or two somewhere between now and those races.

in related news: it appears that i like The Avengers.


2014 Carlsbad Half Marathon

I ran my first race of what is potentially going to be a busy 2014. The Carlsbad Half is a really nice race up in north San Diego. No serious hills, a couple that are decent though (never underestimate hills…), runs right along the ocean too, which is always nice.

I set a personal goal of finishing under two hours, which is something I haven’t been able to do since I ran the Carlsbad Half in 2012. I had a number of friends also running the race, which made the pre- and post race experience much more enjoyable. I had one friend, who hadn’t done much training (don’t get me started on that…), so he said he’d help pace me and help me reach my goal.

Early in the race, I could definitely tell that my pace was quicker than what I’d been doing in my training. Between miles 4 and 5 was when I started to get nervous. I’d probably just come off one of the hills, and I could really tell in my legs that I was running faster than normal. I was able to just grit my teeth and keep my head down plod on. I made it to mile 10 and had a goo, that I almost barfed up, and again started to wonder if I was going to reach my goal. My buddy noticed me fall back a little and came back to help push me. The last three miles were pretty hard. My main problem has always been the mind aspect. My brain gets crafty with the excuses, and it always just seems logical to hold back, I’ve always finished my races, but maybe not as well as I could have.

This time, I was able to push myself (or maybe my friend pushed me…) and I was able to cross the finish line in under two hours, which felt really good. I’m certain I wouldn’t have made it without my friend there, my will power just wasn’t propping me up on its own.

This race reinforced for me how important training is. I’m not a natural runner, and my competitive drive doesn’t push hard enough all the time in these races. So for me, training provides the physical and mental endurance to run these races. The physical side is much more obvious, but the mental is just as important.