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Run Commute!

The Run CommuterIn theory I am a proponent of public transit.  Having grown up in urban areas taking busses, trains and ferries my whole life I’m all for cheap and effective transportation for the masses. But man… maybe it’s me getting on in years or getting soft or it could be that I’ve just seen one too many dudes drop a deuce in a moving subway car but I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Luckily for me I just started a new gig and said gig is just under 3.5 miles from my apartment.  3.5 miles just so happens to be the distance I’m pretty comfortable running these days. You probably see where my thought process is going with this… “I could run commute!”  What better way to get my miles in and avoid the human interaction I seem to abhor so much.

The North Face Pickford Rolltop bag... probably not the best bag for the job but it actually did alright.

The North Face Pickford Rolltop bag… probably not the best bag for the job but it actually did alright.

So, how do you go about the logistics of run commuting? Thank goodness for the internet. A few quick clicks and Jeeves had served up a plethora of information about the ins and outs of run commuting.  The most helpful site I came across was from the bros over at The Run Commuter specifically their post on becoming a run commuter.  They lay out a number of different ways to go about the task of propelling yourself to the office; run both ways, run to work, run home or a combination of all three. (there’s even a post for an easy to make and tasty veggie wrap)

Today I figured I’d give it a go. Lucky for me I had the cutest chauffeur in the business to drop me off at work in the morning so I only had to worry about running one way.

In my pack I had my two veggie wraps, notebook, laptop and my run gear which consisted of a pair of sweats (it’s been super cold (well, california cold) lately), sports shirt, my nike frees and my brand new Eddie Bauer Sandstone jacket. In my office building there is a little locker room so at the end of the day I dipped in and changed into my running gear stashing my work clothes in my bag for the trip home.

Can't say enough about the Eddie Bauer Sandstone hoodie. It kept the wind and cold away but didn't get clammy as I was sweating the miles away.

Can’t say enough about the Eddie Bauer Sandstone hoodie. It kept the wind and cold away but didn’t get clammy as I was sweating the miles away.

I left the office right as the sun was setting and trudged along the slight uphill all the way home.  Running with my bag wasn’t too bad, though with about a half mile to go I started to get some pretty sharp soreness in my shoulders (maybe I need to shop for a new bag!!!!) but by that point I was just about home and wasn’t about to stop.  The run itself wasn’t anything too spectacular, in fact it’s a rather bland and exhaust filled stretch of road through a somewhat sketchy party of town but moving along rather quickly I felt safe (I’m 6’8″ tall and 250 lbs so that helps some too).

I’d love to keep this up, it was a great way to get a maintenance run out of the way and I got home only about 5 minutes after I would have via the bus. As my stamina builds I may look into running both to and from work or bringing some gear to go for a lunchtime run, but for now I’m going to call this run home a successful first run commute.



i know it’s not for everyone, but i’m big into Nike™ NIKE+ activity tracking systems.

nikeplus_sensorway back when the first shoe pod/iPod combo came out, it appealed to the apple fanboy, nike fanboy and early adopter in me and was the first thing since high school soccer practice that got me running regularly.

it may not be the most advanced or accurate of all available systems, but the feedback it provides has kept me running and it’s weird how a little light-up bracelet on your wrist can help motivate you to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day…

if you’re on there, let’s be friends!


Nike Flex Trail Shoes

A few months ago, in a fit of consumerism, I went a little cray on and in one shopping session picked up the equivalent of a years worth of shoes (which for me is 3 pairs and hey, most of them were on sale).  I finally got around to trying out this pair of Nike Flex Trail shoes on a trail run with Cheng this past weekend.

Nike Flex Trail

The Nike Flex Trail shoes. They come in size 15! Which is great for times when I want to play sasquatch in the woods.

Having never owned a pair of “trail” shoes the first thing that struck me about these shoes was their stability, they feel significantly more sturdy than my other running shoes.  Initially this made me a little concerned about the lack of cushioning and I was worried my feet and knees would soon be hating me.

Once I started moving down the trail the shoes were unexpectedly comfortable with just the right amount of cushion, flexibility and arch support (I may throw in a pair of superfeet insoles at some point, but for now the out of the box Nike insoles feel pretty good). My favorite thing about these shoes is how they handle rocks, roots and other jagged surfaces encountered while on the go in nature.  The soles felt bulletproof, though I wouldn’t recommend testing it, I was cruising over rather jagged parts of the trail without concern for hurting my shoes or feet. In fact I seemed to be springing off of sharp parts in the trail as opposed to stepping gingerly through the uneven landscape.

I’m trying to cut back on the number of shoes and gadgets I buy to support my running and don’t feel that anyone really needs to have shoes suited specifically to the many different types of terrain they’ll be running, but after taking these bad boys out on the trail it’ll be fun to have them around to switch it up with from time to time.

Running in the woods is fun for me and if having spent the cash on this pair of shoes motivates me to get out there a little more often, I’ll take it.


Gear Selection: Nike Free Run 5.0

NIke Free 5.0
I’m going to be dusting off the pair of custom Nike Free 5.0s that Cheng got me for my birthday. They survived all the stomping around I did in Taiwan this summer and have been holding up well during some of the smaller runs (2-5 miles) I’ve done over the last few months.

Anybody have any concerns that there won’t be enough support for the full 13 miles? What are you guys wearing?