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well, the Inaugural Star Wars™ 10K and Half Marathon Rebel Challenge at Disneyland© was the only event i had planned for the 2015 calendar year and it has been completed. that means it’s time to start signing up for new stuff so i don’t slowly graft my ass onto my couch playing Destiny

first up:

the GORUCK™ KILL THAT 5K in sunny San Diego, California. jon talked me into it, and i talked steph into it, so now you should talk yourself into it. free beer!

possibly second:

the GORUCK™ KILL THAT 5K in occasionally sunny San Francisco, California.

probably third:

the Silver Falls trail run. greg and i are highly likely for this event, TBD whether we do the half or full marathon, pending training this summer.

hopefully we’ll squeeze a few more in there between the GORUCK™ and silver falls events, let me know if you’re looking at anything interesting. anyone up for the oakland half? TNF again? should we go for legacy medals at the star wars race, jon??? hmmmmm…


bonk bonk bonky bonk bonk

holy crap, my saturday run was HORRRRRRIBLE…

i haven’t had a run that bad in quite a long time. the conditions weren’t bad, sunny – but not too warm, ocean breeze, decent scenery, all that good stuff. but about two miles in, BONK. seriously, it happened that soon. i could probably come up with any number of excuses, but in the end it doesn’t matter why it happened, it happened.

so, what did i learn from it? no idea… bonking sucks maybe? i mean, i knew that, but i guess it’s reinforced even more now. how do you prevent bonking? eat more stuff? sleep longer? water? make a small sacrifice to Hela, Goddess of Bonking (and Death). hell if i know. but what i can take away from this lesson, remember to bring something to eat/electrolyte/whatever. saved my butt from walking home…