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well, the Inaugural Star Wars™ 10K and Half Marathon Rebel Challenge at Disneyland© was the only event i had planned for the 2015 calendar year and it has been completed. that means it’s time to start signing up for new stuff so i don’t slowly graft my ass onto my couch playing Destiny

first up:

the GORUCK™ KILL THAT 5K in sunny San Diego, California. jon talked me into it, and i talked steph into it, so now you should talk yourself into it. free beer!

possibly second:

the GORUCK™ KILL THAT 5K in occasionally sunny San Francisco, California.

probably third:

the Silver Falls trail run. greg and i are highly likely for this event, TBD whether we do the half or full marathon, pending training this summer.

hopefully we’ll squeeze a few more in there between the GORUCK™ and silver falls events, let me know if you’re looking at anything interesting. anyone up for the oakland half? TNF again? should we go for legacy medals at the star wars race, jon??? hmmmmm…



man, getting back in the saddle after taking so much time off has been hard.

i did two short runs last week, but i took lots of walking breaks, and honestly i didn’t feel like they were legit runs. and then on saturday, i literally got all my running gear on, got in the car, and started driving, but then copped out and went and ran (ha!) some errands instead. my logic being that i would just run on sunday after i went to the gym.

all day saturday i just dreaded sunday morning. not because i had to run, but mainly because i was worried i was really going to have to force myself to run. i really hate the feeling of not wanting to run. which is weird, i know. i mean, i think i’ve proven to myself that i’m capable of running any race i set out to do. so it isn’t anything performance-wise. no idea what it is. maybe, and this might speak to a number of other factors of my life, i feel like i “have” to do so many things (yay responsibility!!!), so when i “have” to run, it makes me get all angry and angsty, or angstgry. but anyway…

i did the run, ran a little 4-miler on the treadmill, and felt pretty good about it. hopefully this will really get the ball rolling. especially since there’s still an outside chance that i might run a marathon in hawaii. it’s a really really far outside chance… but it’s still a chance.


The Rest of My Year, in Running (potentially)

July 4: Coronado Independence Day 15K

August 24: End of Summer 4 Mile Fire Run

September 21: Maui Marathon (potentially…)

November 16: Avengers Super Hero Half Marathon

December 7: The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon

yowza, all this, plus two bachelor parties, and two weddings. busy year…