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Done! Or… Starting over?

So, we did it. Each and every one of us. We all crossed the finish line. Radical.

Now what??

Whenever I finish a race, where I’ve trained fairly consistently, there’s always a period afterward where I’m sort of aimless and unsure how to proceed. I guess I need to come up with some new goals to shoot for.

Anyone have any post-race plans?? What’s in store for the rest of the year??? Now that I’m writing this out, I’m starting to realize that I have some plans already in place. I’m running races in July, August, November, and December. So I guess I don’t really have all that much down time…


19 days to go… o_O

getting close to the payoff and original motivation for setting up this weblog… how y’all feelin’?

i have to admit, i’m feeling pretty good, i got 14 miles done on saturday, albeit in kind of a weird way: up at 06:00 for an 8-miler, then i took steph and thor to the airport. came home, watched The Avengers and ate a bagel, then got back out there for 6 miles up in the hills. i was tired, but i wasn’t in pain, even managed to run to catch a bus downtown after lunch.

in fact, i’m feeling SO good i just signed up for the Run The Town challenge with jon: we’re gonna knock out the 5K race before we do the oakland half. probably have some bagels as a light snack in between…

we also both signed up for the 2014 The North Face™ Endurance Challenge presented by GORE-TEX™ half marathon. and i think i’ll try to sign up for the RunDisney™ Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon.

i’ve found that if i don’t keep committing myself to these ridiculous events in advance, i don’t seem to maintain any semblance of consistency in exercising, so i’ll probably add another event or two somewhere between now and those races.

in related news: it appears that i like The Avengers.


changing plans

after writing the previous post, i realized i was way too sore in way too many places from one little trail run and that i needed to focus on cross/strength training this week.

i ditched all my short/mid-length runs and did a bunch of thrusters, presses, squats, lunges, push ups, box jumps, (modified [shoulder still healing]) pull ups, burpees and deadlifts instead.

we’ll see if it pays off this weekend: 12 miles, here we go!


hello? is this thing on?

anybody been running? i’ve had a couple slow weeks due to travel and a gnarly cold.

i did manage eight trail miles with one of my fastest friends yesterday, the soreness today would be best described as: exquisite and persistent.

gotta try to man up and do five tonight after work. who’s with me???



gizmodo has an interesting article on hydration.

the method they describe involves a lot of math, so i’m never, ever, ever, ever, evereverever going to actually apply it but i AM curious what (if any) methods y’all use for maintaining hydration…

ever since my dramatic dehydration-caused syncopy episode in Joshua Tree National Monument and subsequent dramatic rescue off the trail by friends, my rule of thumb is: drink more water than you want to, as often as possible.

so, anyone here ever used science to optimize their water intake for maximum performance?