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these predawn runs have introduced me to whole new variety of local wildlife down by lake merritt.

i was already acquainted with the various birds that hang out there, but i’m learning a lot about stray dogs, rats and creepy guys just kind of standing around individually or in small groups near one of the public restrooms.

i bet it looks hilarious when i jump like a frightened schoolgirl every time a rat bolts across my path.

it’s worth it though, i have the whole day ahead of me once i’m done and i get to see stuff like this to start the day:



rip city

Grateful Tread Running Club visited PDX last weekend.

here’s our host, the inimitable Mark Sarigan, leading the way on the wildwood trail:



bonk bonk bonky bonk bonk

holy crap, my saturday run was HORRRRRRIBLE…

i haven’t had a run that bad in quite a long time. the conditions weren’t bad, sunny – but not too warm, ocean breeze, decent scenery, all that good stuff. but about two miles in, BONK. seriously, it happened that soon. i could probably come up with any number of excuses, but in the end it doesn’t matter why it happened, it happened.

so, what did i learn from it? no idea… bonking sucks maybe? i mean, i knew that, but i guess it’s reinforced even more now. how do you prevent bonking? eat more stuff? sleep longer? water? make a small sacrifice to Hela, Goddess of Bonking (and Death). hell if i know. but what i can take away from this lesson, remember to bring something to eat/electrolyte/whatever. saved my butt from walking home…