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wacky waving saturday

the plan called for 10 miles today. while i was on my way back from a lap around the lake, i encountered this wacky waving inflatable arm flailing horror show:

so i detoured home with about 4 miles left to pick up Thor and run him down in the stroller to see the flailing tube men for a laugh:


oh well, it was worth a shot.



the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter in the evenings. this is going to make it more interesting on my weekday runs when i typically run after work. example, last night when i was half of a stinking block from my house and i tripped on the sidewalk. now, my toe hurts and my ego was wounded because of the dude and lady who saw me trip and subsequently curse the heavens for my misfortune. guess i’ll have to start planning on that happening…



aside from the lower body fat, reduced risk of heart attack and nice buns, my main motivation for pre-dawn 6 mile runs is probably this:

the guilt-free breakfast burrito.



got another antemeridian run done. just a lil’ shorty in the hills.


the time hasn’t even changed yet and there were already a bunch of dudes out with headlamps on!

probably should have brought mine…




then, when i got to work, someone had left a big ol’ box of clif bars out for the taking. a good running omen…



Mountain Song

Guys, I’m pumped. Remember all those posts about how I hated running… ’cause what’s the point, amiright?!? Well, there may not be too many of those anymore.  Last weekend I took a beginner rock climbing course at the Great Western Power Company with George and signed up on the spot.

you have no idea how good it felt to tear up my hands climbing. i was DOING something! and it feels good.

you have no idea how good it feels to tear up my hands climbing. i am DOING something! and it feels good.

When I snowboarded consistently with guys and girls who were better than me it drove me to do squats, run high elevation trails and other junk like that just so that I would have the endurance to keep up and shred more and more aggressive terrain. The love of sliding down that mountain drove me to want to get in better shape and had the very welcome side effect of making me a happier person during a time when I was quite lost.

After only a few days climbing I’m hooked. This is the first activity I’ve done in a while that’s made me REALLY want to get in better shape. In less than a week I’ve gone from kinda wanting to drop a couple lbs just because I should (not so motivating) to feeling like I HAVE to drop those lbs… and get stronger, have better endurance, eat better, be happier, be more creative, work harder and be more enthusiastic all with the goal of conquering that 5.9, then that 5.10, then that 5.11, then that… well, you see where this is headed.

In short, if I can stick to climbing I really feel it is something that will help generate some positive change in my life AND get me back out there running!

Turns out I just needed a mountain in my life.