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cross training

running is great. i mean, horrible. no, great. ok, both.

one of the best ways to make it less horrible is to cross train. i’m finally getting back to a place in my shoulder dislocation recovery that i can do pushups and mess around with weights and stuff like that. steph and i can’t stand gym culture (or gym membership fees) so we’ve slowly built up a small, but useful, collection of gear to help with workouts.

we also prefer “real world movement” type activities to grunty jock weightlifting (not that there’s anything wrong with grunty jocks, some of my best friends are grunty jocks) so most of our gear is stuff like GORUCK sandbags, the TRX suspension trainer, yoga mats, a pullup bar and wrapped bricks for carrying in a backpack.


the home gym all nice and tidy

currently my favorite resource for new, quick, (relatively) fun full-body workouts is the GORUCK training blog. they post something every day and a lot of it can be easily modified to suit your needs. for example, i did this workout last night:

5 Sets of
Power Clean + Push Press, 1.1.1
Rest 10 sec b/n reps
Rest 2 min b/n sets

6 Sets AFAP of
6 x Sandbag Power Clean + R/L Lunge
12 x Plank Burpee + Over-the-bag jump
40 x Double Unders

EMOM x 10 Minutes
Even – 30 sec max rep push-ups
Odd – 30 sec max rep sit-ups

i don’t have a barbell and olympic weights, so i substituted sandbag power clean and push press for part A. i definitely can’t do double unders, so i jumped rope for 90 seconds, as they recommend in the Just The Tip section. i was freaking destroyed by the end of the workout, even though on paper it doesn’t look like a ton of time or reps.

since i travel for work, any time i find a good workout, especially something i can do in a hotel room or janky hotel gym, i save it to a notebook in Evernote called TRAINWRECK. i love that i can pull up those notes on any device and search through them to find something suitable for whatever situation i’m in.

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2 Responses to cross training

  1. Jeff O January 22, 2014 at 5:07 am #

    I was logging my old workouts on evernote… this is a good reminder to dig into those old notes. You guys are good about keeping up with the XT… hit up cheng and I for some GTRC workouts at lake temescal or something.

    • Bobbie March 16, 2015 at 4:57 pm #

      Woot, I will cetalinry put this to good use!

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