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gizmodo has an interesting article on hydration.

the method they describe┬áinvolves a lot of math, so i’m never, ever, ever, ever, evereverever going to actually apply it but i AM curious what (if any) methods y’all use for maintaining hydration…

ever since my dramatic dehydration-caused syncopy episode in Joshua Tree National Monument and subsequent dramatic rescue off the trail by friends, my rule of thumb is: drink more water than you want to, as often as possible.

so, anyone here ever used science to optimize their water intake for maximum performance?

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2 Responses to hydration

  1. Jeff O. January 16, 2014 at 4:10 am #

    I’ve heard and strive for 1/2 an oz of water for every lb you weigh per day. So, for me that’s 125 ounces!!! I bought a 60 oz water bottle and try to drink 2 of them in a day. I go through streaks with it and definitely find that when I’m more hydrated I tend to feel better.

    Never looked at hydration for performance… always just heard “stay hydrated”. never applied too much thought to it.

  2. Larry January 16, 2014 at 5:33 pm #

    i’ve heard the half-body weight in ounces thing as well, at least for general hydration. there is water in foods that we all eat, especially veggies and fruits, and that totally helps staying hydrated. some people seem to have hang-ups/issues about drinking a good amount of water. i guess i’ve forced myself enough to where it’s automatic.

    there’s a lot of research saying that water is really necessary and important to weight loss/maintenance, i’ve always thought of it as oil in a car, we just need to it run properly. we can get by with less of it for a little while, but eventually not having the right amount catches up to us.

    for running, i’ve almost always done long runs in the vicinity of fountains. which makes it really easy/convenient, plus i don’t have to carry a bottle. for longer runs (over 13), i’ll carry an electrolyte drink sometimes, usually only if it’s particularly hot. i’ve also heard that a good way to test if you’re getting enough water during a run is to weigh yourself before, and then after. if you weigh less after, you may want to drink more water. if you weigh more, you might be able to cut back a little.

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