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Meet The Bros

What started as an email and a bunch of texts about running the Oakland 1/2 Marathon became the Grateful Tread Running Club. Here are the bros who founded it…


ClarkeMeet Clarke: The furthest Clarke has ever run was a 5k and he did that with a pretty severe hangover. At one point during the race, he was passed by an elderly asian woman wearing jeans, an old man with a prosthetic leg, and about 50 meters from the end of the race, was stopped and had to wait for a train to pass. He blames the train for his crappy time. (He still did it in around 32 minutes).

Goals for this race include:  Running a whole bunch. Clarke has never loved running. Clarke will learn to love it, or at least learn to beat his disdain for the activity into glittery submission, and run a Half Marithon. He will spread the gospel of good vibes, no bad days, and get hunky in the process.


JonMeet Jon: Matt made Jon start running three years ago. For some reason, he hasn’t stopped. It looks like Jon is sort of a race veteran now. How the hell did that happen?? Jon wants to eat donuts often, this necessitates running. running = donuts. It’s really as simple as that.

Goals for this race include: Jon started thinking about setting time goals in 2014, but thinks he would hate it. Instead he just wants to do hoodrat things with his friends.


StephMeet Stephanie: Stephanie spent her early childhood watching stardust hover in sunbeams above the quietest carpeted areas of her childhood houses, daydreaming of unicorns and forests and the secret meanings of things overlooked in the universe.  The latter part was in the water, pretending to surf, but really just doing more of the same from early childhood in a new environment.  Her first “hike” was in 5th grade, and she was devastated when they got to the promised “forest” for their field trip location, and it was just crappy, brown, dry deserty San Diego shrub “forest”.  So trail runs are her favorite fantasy runs of all time.  That and Rainbow Road.  She’d really like to run that.  Especially if the power booster arrows in the ground would work for legs as well as wheels.  Anyways, she moved away from the ocean to a land of sidewalks, so now the sidewalk is her ocean.  So running is Stephanie being a mermaid again.  Except when she’s in the forest, then she’s a unicorn.

Goals for GTRC: Stephanie just met some goals in the Tinkerbell Half, so yay.  Now she’d like to not lose what fitness she gained.  She’d like to be able to rescue her son with the prowess of a momma lion, should she ever need to; like snatch his ass out of traffic or a pack of hyenas, and sprint to safety.  Or just chase down the next crap pair of teenagers that steal her smartphone out of her hand while she’s wearing her wee offspring.

Seriously, bitterness aside, simple goal is now to run another race, and get a better time.  And drop at least some of the two-babies poundage she still has hanging on postpartum. 







meet chengMeet Christine: Christine was supposed to retire from half marathons after 2013 and just concentrate on 5ks and triathlons from here on out. That was until she found out Clarke wanted to run his first marathon and postponed retirement until further notice. She is secretly excited about this because her favorite pre-race meal is pizza and her favorite post-race meal is burgers and fries. Bring on the mileage!

Goals for this race include: Actually training for this race, rather than just rolling out of bed and running 13.1 miles for breakfast. Also to beat last year’s leisurely time of 2:23:18.


JeffMeet Jeff: The Oakland 1/2 will be Jeff’s third 1/2 Marathon in three years. He’s pretty pumped to be doing this with some good bros.  Jeff spends his days in a cube at a software company wondering… Would I rather be running? Guess he’s about to find out.

Goals for this race include: dropping some lbs, getting out of the house more and increasing the distance he could put between himself and the undead should the zombie apocalypse happen sometime soon.