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Motivated to Run, but thats about it.



I’ve been running according to my running schedule, and I’ve been pretty stoked on it. I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of running this thing. I actually look forward to running after work. Its awesome.


Heres the other part: I could give two shits about anything else health related right now. I’m eating like “a fast moving dumpster,” drinking beer a few nights a week and havent been to the gym in over a week. I know exactly what it is that I need to eat to stay lean (lean for a polar bear), but, sheesh I really dont have the will power to not eat like Junkenstein (an immortal junk eating corpse composite), not drink like Charles Bukowski (a legendary drunk), and sleep like its an olympic sport (sports).


I’m hoping that its gonna be just kind of a wonky few weeks and Stella (Clarke) can get her (his) groove back in the next week or so.


(this is the exact moment that Stella got her groove back.)

I know motivation comes from somwhere deep inside all of us. Some deep dark place with lots of guts and black stuff… I just gotta figure out how to tap into it again…

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3 Responses to Motivated to Run, but thats about it.

  1. Larry December 12, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    this always happens to me too. and yeah, it’s totally frustrating. i can’t honestly think of what i’ve done to push through it. maybe try and put things in the perspective of how they’ll effect your running. eating garbage/drinking screws up my runs big time, feel like a turd just trudging along. drinking actually just saps my motivation, makes it real easy to talk myself out of runs. i’m in a bit of a funk with stuff outside running right now as well. blech.

  2. Jeff O. December 14, 2013 at 5:27 pm #

    Great post! It triggered a few thoughts for me…

    I would argue that you should not feel bad about how you are living now AT ALL and that in fact you are KILLIN IT!

    My guess is that if you were not running you would still be eating like “a fast moving dumpster,” drinking beer a few nights a week and not going to the gym. The fact that you have been doing all that AND running according to your running schedule AND feeling good about it is fucking awesome. FUCKING AWESOME!

    So, what’s the goal? Is it to be polar bear lean? Then yeah, you are fucking up… you should be eating only grass fed lean meats, no carbs, living at the gym, getting 17 hours of sleep a night, not stressing, aaaaaaaaand running according to your schedule. Oooooooor is the goal to run a half marathon with your bros? If it’s the latter you are (again) KILLIN’ IT!

    I know the real goal is probably somewhere in the middle, as it is for me; drop some lbs and be able to run this mutha in a few months. I think you’ll find that as you start to pour on more miles your diet, exercise and lifestyle will start to fall in line, at least that’s what’s happened for me in the past. Just wait until you’ve gone on a 6 or 7 mile run… that’s some serious mileage my friend… you’ll get back from that and be like “fuck, I could have just ran across the entire city of San Francisco”. It’s amazing how motivating covering large distances using just your own two legs can be. This is a half marathon, not a sprint and you are right on fucking target.

    Last comment… SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is real and it’s a bitch. Has 2013 been the easiest year? Fuck no. And now it’s winter; the holidays, end of year projects, bla bla bla… what you’re (and we’re all) doing now is laying the foundation for a fucking KILLER 2014… just think about it… on Jan 1st 2014 you’ll likely wake up and have the ability to comfortably run about 3 miles. Can you say that about any other new years day you’ve lived through… EVER?!? My guess would be no. And to me that’s fucking motivating.

    So, fuck it. Go run, run slow, run far and have a burrito and few beers when you’re finished. You’ll have earned ‘em.

    • Clarke Forrest December 23, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

      I keep forgetting to leave a reply to this bad boy. This is such a fantastic reminder that im not a complete fuck up. Although I am still fucking up, its not like I’ve given up. Thanks for this. Maybe next week I’ll cut back on the burritos and get more on top of my running. btw, fuck the cold. i hate the cold. its better to be warm than cold.

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