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Run/Walk Intervals

i think most people know i do the run/walk intervals when i run. it’s a bit of a hit on the ego, the walking part, but, it does two things for me: makes running in general less excruciating, which in turn lets you go farther. i also find that more often than not, if i try and do a run where i don’t take walking breaks, my pace ends up being pretty close to what it would be if i had. the run/walk thing might be good for those starting from scratch, build up some muscles and distances. i’m not sure what everyone’s goals are for the race, i don’t know what mine are yet. but just thought i’d throw it out there.


Gear Selection: Nike Free Run 5.0

NIke Free 5.0
I’m going to be dusting off the pair of custom Nike Free 5.0s that Cheng got me for my birthday. They survived all the stomping around I did in Taiwan this summer and have been holding up well during some of the smaller runs (2-5 miles) I’ve done over the last few months.

Anybody have any concerns that there won’t be enough support for the full 13 miles? What are you guys wearing?


Spreading the Stoke

Clarke: im so stoked right now. this is rad. im literally stoking at my desk.

George: what are you stoking under your desk?

Clarke: i dont wanna get my stoke everywhere.