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Sometimes, when you take a week off from running, and take a week on of drinking, things become more difficult.

So heres what I’ve found: pausing the runnin to do some drinkin, is WAY easier than pausing the drinkin, to do some runnin.


A few weeks ago when my knees were hurting from running, this was Matts response:

“you’re moving the earth underneath

pushing it behind you

not stabbing it with stilts as you hop around

head up, shoulders back

relaxing everything that isn’t immediately engaged

focus your third eye on venus in the fourth quadrant

remove all your clothing and bask in the solar winds between alpha centauri and orion’s belt

dissolve your identity in the cosmic fluid between dimensions”

It actually works pretty well. Especially the last 4 steps.

In all honestly, I was running with Jon on christmas day and it was literally (figuratively) 10,000 degrees where we were. I hadn’t run in over a week, I was getting aches where there should be no aches, and there was friction where one would prefer there be no friction.  So about halfway through, I thought to myself “self, enjoy this.” and I kinda separated myself from any discomfort I was having and just kinda kept moving at a snail’s pace, in a sort of self-induced altered mental state (although, every time my GYMBOSS™ told me to run, I said something to the effect of “awe nuts”). So there’s a thing. I lost all concentration when I went looking for a ™ symbol.

I got some new shoes, which are just like my old shoes and some compression shorts so there’s a thing. Looking forward to blasting some miles into the nethersphere with those bad boys.

Oh and Jon and I saw a turkey vulture and a kid on a bike that looked like Manny from modern family.


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3 Responses to Sometimes, when you take a week off from running, and take a week on of drinking, things become more difficult.

  1. Jeff O December 31, 2013 at 6:04 pm #

    I hear ya, a cold and my Pop’s eggnog took me out of the race for a bit… lookin’ forward to getting back after it in 2014… it’s put up or shut up time. yikes.

  2. Neil December 31, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    The best comment is about relaxation. As a drummer when you want to play more notes the natural tendency is to tighten up. But the real key is to relax. That is the only way…

  3. Cee Cee January 4, 2014 at 2:25 am #

    Ditto what Jeff O. said. The cold he got was the one I gave to him, so no running here. You’re such a stud for getting out there and running on Christmas! Nice work, Clarke!

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