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Burger Spa-

I haven’t posted in ages. I always read, but getting a new job that I’m actually invested in and enjoy has really limited the amount of time that I spend at work, not working. (Side note, a 60 year old guy in running tights and a t-shirt just sprinted through the intersection outside my office window. definitely a hero of running). I’m definitely in a slump. in general.  (he just ran back in the opposite direction).

I’ve been going for a few runs here and there, but nothing consistent, mostly because I’d eaten a hamburger wrapped in a pizza and covered in chili the night before. Trying to slowly build up some consistent healthy habits again. Been riding to work, and trying to eat things that grow out of the ground. You know. Like that.

I’d like to sign up for some 10ks or something. Seems like a reasonable distance to run for fun, but I don’t want to do anything too gnarly before I hike Mt. Whitney in August. Then after that, I’d like to train and do another half (HALF A PIZZA IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).

So that’s it for now. Its amazing how once you start to lose the tiniest bit of motivation, shit just starts going off the rails.


go more fartherer

since i’m just getting back on my feet after breaking my left hand, dislocating my right shoulder and fracturing my right scapula, i’ve been taking it real easy on my runs and mostly going out with my wife and kid (in BOB stroller).

last week, however, it occurred to me that i am signed up for the The North Face™ Endurance Challenge® half marathon in december and if i want to finish that in fewer than four hours, i should probably be working in some longer runs…

thor (in BOB stroller) doesn’t have much patience beyond two or three miles and usually needs a break at a cool park or something in the middle. so saturday we went up the hill to lake temescal and steph and thor played at the park there while i zig-zagged a couple more miles around the lake and environs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.14.20 AM

thor was mad that we left the park ahead of his schedule, but on the way down steph and i got to see an epic sunset (the most epic sunset i’ve ever seen on that run) while thor regarded the entire scene with bemusement from his BOB stroller.


SF in the distance, the iphone camera does it no justice…

steph and thor stopped back at our apartment and i tacked on a couple more miles to bring it up to a little over seven miles completed. good saturday night!



family fun run

3 miles logged with my wife and son. we got flu shots this morning so, all things considered, it went remarkably well.