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i know it’s not for everyone, but i’m big into Nikeā„¢ NIKE+ activity tracking systems.

nikeplus_sensorway back when the first shoe pod/iPod combo came out, it appealed to the apple fanboy, nike fanboy and early adopter in me and was the first thing since high school soccer practice that got me running regularly.

it may not be the most advanced or accurate of all available systems, but the feedback it provides has kept me running and it’s weird how a little light-up bracelet on your wrist can help motivate you to take the stairs instead of the elevator every day…

if you’re on there, let’s be friends!



first run since the accident. shoulder never even twinged.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 7.53.32 PM

my nipples, on the other hand, seem to have lost any toughness they’d built up… owie!